Big Brother joins you for a pint…

This from EcoLogics.

the Daily Mail reports today that, under the new Crime and Policing Bill that is making its way through the Parliament, all pubs and supermarkets will have to take CCTV images of anyone buying alcohol. They will then have to store the images for 60 days, and hand them over, on demand, to the police.

To be sure, it does not take a conspiracy theorist to figure out that every person who visits pubs and supermarkets—presumably, almost everyone in the country— will be videoed whether they buy alcohol or not. Part of the rationale must be that the police will use this technology to obtain up-to-date images of anyone and everyone. Such images will be readily available to combat not just bona–fide crime, but to engage in the kind of repressive policing that is putting an end to legitimate protest, and even to everyday party politics. Everyone in the UK—ordinary people, peaceful protestors, and of course, awkward MP’s—already runs the risk of becoming the object of the kind of party-political policing that caused such a stir in the Damian Green case. But in future, the combination of credit or debit card details, as allied to time–coded images will allow the police to spy on politically inconvenient people anywhere in the UK. The way things are going, it would not be unreasonable for New Labour to claim that the same technology will be required in pharmacies to combat drug abuse, restaurants to control over-eating… the possibilities are endless, and may well culminate in an Orwellian CCTV–in–your–home scenario.

Seem absurd? How absurd would it have seemed 20 years ago if you had been told that Labour was going to install CCTV cameras in every pub and supermarket, ostensibly to control your drinking habits?

‘Nuff said, really. Bastards.


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